I want it all!

I want the tree down and the decorations put away (the presents are already done). I want the chaos and confusion here to end and life to feel normal again. I want the rocking chair in the living room put back to where it belongs once the tree is gone.

But I want to maintain the peaceful cozy feeling that comes at Christmas time. And since, I’m the wife and Mommy and “general cozy feeling keeper” here, I can do it! The peace and happiness that comes with the Christmas season isn’t something that has to go away with the tree and decorations. I’m not usually one for new years resolutions, I always just feel that I’m setting myself up for failure (and with that attitude, I really am). But this year, I have determined in my heart to try to dgyalways maintain a cozy, peaceful feeling around my home (and trust me, it isn’t always that way!) I need to start with my attitude and how I look at this little family of mine. I have this little ploy I use with the kids, when they’re having one of those days when they’re really not getting along, I tell them to pretend that they’re friends instead of brothers and sisters. And you know, it really works (for a while, anyway!) My job is to treat these kids as though they are someone really special in my home (which I do now, but I think I need to step it up a little.) Happy, content kids will lead to a more peaceful family home, and a more content and less-stressful Mommy and Daddy. And of course, relying on God for my strength to maintain a peaceful home is what will make all the difference!

So here’s to a happy, peaceful, completely family-focused new year in the Wade household!

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