Flu Shots

I took the kids to the Doctor’s office last Friday to get our flu shots. Ray was working and couldn’t get away to go with us, so I was on my own with the three kids. Not a big deal, normally, but I was slightly apprehensive that if any of them got out of control due to having a needle (namely Mackenzie!), it was going to make for a “stressful” (frustrating!!) experience for me.

Well, they were all fine. Not a tear shed, not even a whimper. I think though, that Travis wins the bravest Wade award. Before he even had his sleeve pulled up, he told the nurse that he wished he could live at the Doctor’s office. “Why?”, she asked. “Then”, he replied, “I could get a flu shot whenever I wanted one!!”

That’s my boy!!


One Response to “Flu Shots”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I don’t know whether I think Travis is brave or just weird! 🙂

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