What to do?

What do you do when you want to really get going on your Christmas decorating and your living room is still torn apart, being renovated? And I’m still talking the big stuff left to do–painting and flooring. Kind of hard to put up a tree when you’re hoping to put down new flooring in the next few weeks. What to do? I’ve decided that for this year most of my decorating, all the little ornaments, stuff to go on the walls, will be put in the kitchen instead. After all, that’s where I spend alot of my time anyway!! So that job at least has been accomplished today.

And there’s some stuff in the living room. Christmas cushions on the sofa, snowmen coasters on the end tables, poinsetta candle holders on the coffee table. I also rearranged the furniture in the living room to get ready for the tree. At least if the flooring doesn’t get down before Christmas, where to put the tree won’t be a huge decision like usual! The living room is also ready so that when the crack-filling and painting does happen, all that I need to do is throw some old sheets over the furniture.

I figure since I’m way behind on my gift-buying this year, at least I can be way ahead on my decorating! Another hour or so of work today, and I should be ready. Except for the tree, of course. And putting boughs up and setting up the nativity in the living room. Who knows when that will happen this year!

At least my kitchen’s very festive though!

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