Isn’t it Amazing!

When Kelly requested a favorite song or two, I just knew that this Mark Lowry song would be on my list. Isn’t it Amazing, by Mark Lowry is my absolute favorite song right now.
Here’s some of the lyrics:

“When I think off all He left and what He came to, I’m convinced that it’s the greatest mystery
Just to think that Heaven’s King would leave it all come for one like me
If I started writing now and wrote forever, I know that all my words would not convey
The depth of love so great that brings the Perfect Lamb to take my place.

Isn’t it amazing that He’d come to where we are
Isn’t it amazing that a King would go that far
Doesn’t it amaze you that we find Him in this place
Isn’t it amazing grace?

For our sin and death He brought us life forever,
For our broken lives He brought us perfect peace
From the shackles and the chains, the King of Glory came to set us free, He set us free!

Lord I want to thank You that You come to where we are,
Lord I want to thank You that a King would go that far
Lord I want to thank You that we feel You in this place
Thank You Jesus for amazing grace, isn’t it amazing grace!”

How many times have I stood in church and sang Amazing Grace, or sang it around the house and never really thought about the words? How many times have I used the word “amazing” for something that may be great, but really isn’t amazing? How many times have I taken my salvation for granted and not really thought about the great sacrifice that Jesus made for me? And if I was the only one, He still would have come and died, just for me! I pray that I never lose the wonder of my salvation, that it always is something amazing to me, that I never again take it for granted, that not a day goes by, that I don’t praise God and thank Him for it.

Isn’t it Amazing Grace?


6 Responses to “Isn’t it Amazing!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    I love those “aha” moments!!!

  3. Erin Says:

    This was the perfect blog to read to start my day 🙂

  4. gayla Says:

    can’t find this song on a cd any idea?

  5. bryan pearson Says:

    This is an amizing song, i would love to know the chords for this song, anybody know them?

  6. Rhonda Chrisman Says:

    The song was recorded by Mark, but it was written by Geron Davis.

    It is on two of Mark Lowry’s CD’s.

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