Cozy at last!

Our woodstove is finally hooked back up! Which also means that the tiles are down in the living room. And I have to say that I just love them! Ray did a great job! Slowly our living room is coming back together. The next big step is finishing the crack filling and then painting. Then it’s just trimwork and putting down the rest of the new flooring. My goal is to have it done by Christmas!

So tonight the fire is burning, and I am finally cozy. We’ve had some chilly nights and early mornings here, so it’s nice to finally have the woodstove going again! And I love the sound of the wood crackling, and the smell outside of wood burning. And even the extra work that it causes is worth it!

It’s been a great weekend here! Getting caught up on stuff and just spending it together! We went for a nice drive today, the kids fell asleep, so it was a chance for us to chat without constantly being interuppted. Much needed! Unfortunately, since Mackenzie doesn’t usually nap anymore, she’s not settling down tonight. I can hear her in her room having quite the conversations with her dolls, telling them that they really have to go to sleep now, that they need to obey and settle down. I guess she really does listen when I tell her something!! Ray is over watching football with Randy and as soon as Mackenzie goes to sleep, I’ll enjoy some quiet “alone” time here! Maybe I’ll have a hot bath with a cup of tea! Doesn’t that sound wonderful!


2 Responses to “Cozy at last!”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I love cozy! Hope you enjoyed your night. 🙂

  2. Charmin Says:

    so mackenzie is a chatterbox just like her mom.

    i was a little stressed about the album but i think i have a great idea now. if i can just conquer the procrastination and get it done in time.

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