Potty no more!

Horray!! Today was our “Big Garbage” pick-up. I love to see that big pile out there, knowing that it’s a step towards getting rid of all the junk that we’ve accumulated over the years. (Ray and I both have pack rat tendencies, but we’re working on that!) But I was most excited to see on the top of the pile our potty. Yup, no more potties in our house! Mackenzie is pretty much trained, we just use pull-ups at night, and for long car rides. And she’s been using just a little seat on top for a while now. Funny, I thought it would bother me to be getting rid of baby things now as we finish with them instead of saving them “just in case”. But it really doesn’t. Oh sure, there are days when I wish that there would have been another baby before my surgery, and even now when I see a tiny one, but that is just an instinct, and some people say it will never go away. But I will never regret only having 3 kids. Our family is perfect, 3 healthy active kids, all we have room for anyway! Those of you who have more than 3, how I admire you! I can hardly keep up on the laundry with just 5 of us, and I’m forever calling my kids by the wrong name. I grew up answering to Lisa, and I still answer to that sometimes! Guess that’s a normal thing!

So we said goodbye to the potty today, and with the end of each stage comes a new equally exciting one! I can’t wait to see what we’ll be up to next!


4 Responses to “Potty no more!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Yah for the potty (and Mackenzie)!
    Isn’t it great to get rid of it?

    You did have a pretty impressive pile of garbage! I think it might acutally be bigger than the spring.
    Good job!

  2. BitterSweetAshlie Says:

    I’m a pack rat as well!! You are not alone! I think there are more that are than aren’t. If that makes sense! But good job 😉

  3. Christy Says:

    We also got rid of alot of baby things this past weekend. I, too, am not sad. I kept a few things for my sister, but no more baby toys and all that good stuff! We’re still working with Maley on the sleepy time accidents, but she is good to go with the potty when she’s fully awake. I try not to get frustrated – Emma was so easy to train, but Maley is just a different little girl.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    I love purging!!!!!!! I love getting rid of stuff!!!!!!!It truly frees your mind and your spirit. There is stuff here that Harley has had for ever I’m sure and I keep thinking “maybe he won’t notice if I get rid of it” I don’t risk it so alas there it sits in the farthest room in our basement…waiting….waiting……waiting

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