I Didn’t Want to Know!!

(May as well make it a 3 post day!)

I found out something today that I really didn’t want to know! A few days ago, Muffin brought a dead little gopher in the house. This is very strange for her, she usually eats everything outside (gross, I know, but it’s gonna get worse! Erin, you may want to stop reading now–if you don’t, please don’t say I didn’t warn you!) Luckily, Ray was home, so he quickly scooped it up and discarded it outside. The other strange thing was that when she brought it in, she just laid it on the floor, and then sat beside and watched it. Ray and I both wondered later if maybe she had brought it in for her kittens, but they were all asleep.

Well, today it happened again. I saw her outside waiting to get in with something in her mouth, so I didn’t let her in. But, of course, she got in a little later with it. Once again, all she did was lay it down and then wait. This time her kittens were awake, and it didn’t take long. Over they came. The amazing thing is that she let them all have a turn with it, and she’d stop them and give another one a turn after. If you know of my fear of mice, any kind of rodents really, you can imagine just how difficult this was for me to have going on in my house. I’m trying to get it away from them with a shovel, and of course, only their mother could make them let go, and hey, she was teaching them an important life lesson, so she wasn’t going to stop for the crazy woman with the shovel!

Finally, enough was enough! In between trying not to cry, scream and gag, all at the same time, I managed to nudge the “lucky kitten” that had it out the door with the shovel. Then I made the boys take over. If she let go, they were to quickly scoop it up in the shovel and get rid of it, if she managed to eat it all (gaaaaaaggggg!!), they were to send her back in the house, but under no condition were they allowed to touch the mouse, or her when she had the mouse in her mouth (I was afraid of her getting mad and attacking them!), and she was not to leave the deck! This one is one of the few kittens that I have found a home for–no way am I going to risk losing it!

Boys being boys, this was great fun for them! The reports started–“Mom, I just heard him crunching something.” Back out to watch, then “Mom, the tail”s gone now!” Then , “Mom, she’s even licking off the blood!” Finally, they brought her back in, “Mom, she ate the whole thing!”
Thank goodness that is over! And thank goodness I have little boys here who were thrilled to take charge out on the deck, so I didn’t have to stay out there!

I’m sitting here now, still feeling VERY queasy, and yet you know what amazes me? That Muffin knew to bring that in here to teach her babies something! Absolutely disgusting, and yet she knew to do that instead of eating it herself! Only God, who created everything perfect, could ensure that even animals knew how to teach their young.

Still, it’s something that I didn’t want to know about cats!


6 Responses to “I Didn’t Want to Know!!”

  1. Christy Says:

    Good thing Celebrate is a boy! And not allowed to go outside 🙂 I would’ve totally freaked out. But, I guess I have to concede that it is sorta cool that she knew to do that for her kittens. The things mothers do…

  2. Kinza Says:

    That has got to be the most disgusting thing ever. I would have screamed and made the boys deal with everything.

  3. Kelly Says:

    That is so cool!!

  4. Lyndsie Jean Says:

    I actually dry heaved reading your blog- I’m glad you found a spirtital lesson out of it- CAUSE I certiantly woudn’t have.

  5. Murray's Corner Says:

    anmals are so smart! the first week i had summer home, i lais her on my bed to wrap her up. roxy, our toy poodle dog jumped up, found bob’s sweater on the bed and pushed the sweater all the way on top of summer to help me!!!! i din’t believe it at first so i moved the sweater and again she did it. good thing she loves sum!

  6. Erin Says:

    Gross Gross Gross! After telling me to stop reading I was just to tempted to skip to the next blog 🙂

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