Don’t Let the Mink Out!

Mackenzie has discovered today the joy of stamping. (She’s also discovered the joy of make-up as you can see in the picture–Goodbye Mommy’s eyeshadow!) I was making a few cards this morning and she wanted to help. She picked up the stamps and examined them quite closely. So I explained what they were for. Then she went on to pick up the inkpad. “That’s the ink, Mackenzie, do you want to try a stamp?” Proceeded to start to open the stamp pad. “No don’t open it”, this said in a panicked sounding voice. “Why not?”, I wondered. “Don’t let the mink out!!”

She doesn’t know exactly what mink are, except that they’re animals that live at Sara’s house. (Sorry, Kelly, I meant to say in Sara’s barn!) She must have thought they were pretty tiny if they could fit in an inkpad!

After she realized that there were no “mink” in the stamp pad, only ink, she really enjoyed stamping! Posted by Picasa


One Response to “Don’t Let the Mink Out!”

  1. BitterSweetAshlie Says:

    hahaa, what a cutie! Really brings out her eyes!!

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