Thankful for an inconvience!

This is a picture of my woodstove just sitting there on my kitchen floor. Yesterday I was very bothered by this, today, I’m okay with it. Here’s why.

I was thinking this morning about scrubbing my kitchen floor, which I don’t like to do (even though I do like how it looks after!). Thinking of scrubbing my floor reminded me of Charmin’s post, when she told us why she is thankful for scrubbing her floor. This also brought to mind Kelly’s post when she challenged us to think of something we dislike and then to think of three things good about it. Kelly’s was losing her hair. Kelly, I apologize, having my woodestove in my kitchen is nothing compared to fighting cancer, but it is something that I’m disliking right now. So here are three reasons why I’m thankful that my stove is in my kitchen.

1. It means that eventually I will have a whole new living room–new floor, new ceiling, new walls, new doors and mouldings, new paint color…you get the picture!

2. It means that I have a husband who loves me enough to do this for me. Yes, the floor needed replaced, and the walls painted, and new insulation on the outside walls. Everything else would have been okay, but once you get started…

3. It means that we are finally in a financial situation to be able to do this. We never would have been able to before, but finally, with some careful budgeting…

4. (Yup, 4 reasons, once I got started they kept coming.) Ray is very busy at work which is why this is taking so long. He’s worked at jobs before where there would be slow times, and he would be laid off. We are so thankful that he now has a job that he enjoys and that keeps him busy. We are also so thankful that he provides for us.

Yes, it may be inconvienent right now, but eventually, when I’m enjoying my new living room, it will be all worth it. Doesn’t that remind you of something else….We may have things going on now that we don’t understand, but when we’re up there in Heaven, it will be all be worth it! Posted by Picasa


5 Responses to “Thankful for an inconvience!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Kim, these are the days I have free for cardmaking
    Tuesday afternoon or evening……
    Wednesday afternoon…….
    Saturday anytime
    let me know which is best for you, Cheryl

  2. Charmin Says:

    Things are a little inconvenient around here as well as Jon is slowly but surely getting our woodstove set up. On this nippy morning, I am really looking forward to cozy wood heat.

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day! You share your day with a pretty cool lady. : )


  3. Christy Says:

    When I visit NS, I want to come and enjoy your wonderful woodstove! I love cozy cold mornings, don’t get too many around here, but we do take advantage of the few we have! We have a fireplace that I love to sit in front of – in Ottawa all we had was a propane heater!!! But, oh, what good naps I had laying in front of that thing. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  4. Nana's Corner Says:

    As I was thinking of your “inconvenience” I thought of when Christy was in Ottawa and the winters were so cold and they would have to stay in one room to keep warm. Here in the south, some people use wood stoves (we did back in the early 80’s when the price of oil was so high) but you don’t find them too often. I do love to curl up in front of our fireplace, especially if it is snowing. I even find myself early in the mornings lying on the kitchen floor in the dark, covered in a blanket, enjoying the warmth of the furnace’s vent. Romantic, no, but cozy, yes!

  5. Kelly Says:

    There is nothing like the heat from a woodstove…especially in a newly renovated living room!! Yippee…its getting there!

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