Chocolate Pudding!

Yum…We’re having chocolate pudding for lunch today. No, I don’t mean the kind that comes in the little plastic containers, and I don’t mean the kind that comes in a box that you mix with milk. I’m talking the old fashioned, cooked on the stove with scalded milk kind. The real stuff!

I have so many memories of this as a kid. I remember Mom making it for Lisa and I when we were very little. How exciting it was to have pudding for lunch! Like having dessert first! I remember that we had to eat our bread and butter with it, and nothing was yummier than bread and butter dipped in chocolate pudding! I can also remember Nanny Dominey making this for her grandkids (there were a lot of us!) in the kitchen of the old house, before the fire. At Nanny’s we always had it with homemade bread, I remember the crusts were so dark, and how I hated them, but the bread itself was so yummy!

When I look back now, with the wisdom that comes from being older, did Nanny make this for us when she had a house full of grandkids because it was inexpensive? That never crossed my mind back then. Or did she make it because she enjoyed the sheer enjoyment that we got from eating chocolate pudding for lunch? That’s why I think she did it!

So today, we’re having chocolate pudding for lunch. And I know that some people would think that it is terrible to feed this to your kids for lunch, but I’m making memories! Besides, it’s got lots of milk, some eggs, and not too much sugar in it. And remember the rule, you have to eat your bread and butter with it!

It should be cooled enough now, so it’s time for lunch. I can’t wait to have that first taste of bread with butter dipped in homemade chocolate pudding. I can already taste it! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses to “Chocolate Pudding!”

  1. Erin Says:

    mmmm…i love chocolate pudding!! is the recipe a family secret? …

  2. Christy Says:

    I have never in all my life heard of this!! I would be interested in trying this some day (if it’s not a protected family secret) – I would be a superhero with my girls if I called them for lunch and they came to the table and had CHOCOLATE PUDDING waiting for them. They would think they were in heaven!

  3. TravellingTracy Says:

    Can I come over for lunch?

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