I Love Today!

September 1st–Ahhh, I love it!

I was so excited to change my calendar today–I love the 1st of September. It means that life is going to get back into a routine again. It means that fall is here, and the end of the humidity. The weather has been so nice the last little while, a definite fall feeling to the air. I don’t do well in the heat of the summer, I really don’t enjoy it. But fall, ahhh….! Is there anything nicer than fall, the trees are so pretty, you can actually sit outside and not feel like you’re smothering in the heat, still nice weather to hang laundry out… I could go on and on! And don’t even get me started talking about the wood stove! I love having a nice fire going, I can’t wait to have that first fire of the season, and the smell in the air outside–so nice!! (Charmin, you’re going to love your woodstove!) I have to admit that when we first started thinking about it, I was quite skeptical. I remember telling Ray that it would be nice for when he was home, but when he was at work, forget it, there was no way that I was going to tend a fire! Well now, 3 years later, my tune sure has changed! And I can build a fire better than Ray! Don’t tell him, though. He knows, but I don’t think he’s realized that I know!!

I’m so much more energized in the fall, and I know that I accomplish so much more. (That’s a very positive thing!) I’m looking forward to school and AWANA starting, and to the kids starting in their new Sunday School classes–Mackenzie starts in a class this year, where has the time gone?

Fall also starts me thinking about Christmas. Kelly, Kelsey and I went to the city shopping yesterday, and I started my Christmas shopping. Not much, but it was a start! And now today, I’ve got the Christmas music playing. (That’s thanks to Charmin and Anne!) Their posts about Christmas were so exciting to read–it’ll be here soon!

Yes, I’m a definite fall girl! The winter seems to drag on, and spring brings so much mud with it, and the summer goes so fast, and is so hot, but fall…I can’t think of anything bad about fall! (Except of course, that winter is right behind it!)


5 Responses to “I Love Today!”

  1. Charmin Says:

    except for the winter part. i like winter, too.

  2. Erin Says:

    i have to agree with charmin…i do love winter…cozy nights while it snows outside, bonfires and sledding, CHRISTMAS…

    but you are so right, there is NOTHING bad about fall. i can’t wait for crispy crunchy annapolis valley apples…mmmmm…apple sauce, apple pie, apple pudding … come on fall!!!

  3. Kim Says:

    Maybe I should clarify–
    I don’t mind winter, except that it seems to go on forever!! And Ray has a hard time in the winter, from the lack of sunlight, which of course, makes me a little crazy too!

    But fall is the one season that there is nothing bad to say about!

    (And I do love the cozy winter evenings by the woodstove and the hot chocolate and playing in the snow, and again I could go on and on…..but I think I’ll save this thought to blog about when the first snow falls!)

  4. Nana's Corner Says:

    I just read your blog, and I was sharing about Autumn on mine too. I guess I love winter better than all of you because we don’t see much snow. If they call for flurries on TV, the stores empty of milk and bread in five minutes flat! You would find it so funny. Christy’s Scott thought we Southerners were crazy when he first met us. Schools are cancelled if eighteen flakes fall from the sky!!! I must admit the kids love living here for that reason alone. I sometimes wish that I could live where you do for one winter.–>

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