I’m Tired

I can’t believe that it is Friday morning already. This week has just flown by. It’s been a busy week. We went to Dartmouth Tusday night for Dave’s visitation and then again on Wednesday for his funeral. Still hard to believe that he is gone. Yesterday was spent with Physio and Doctor’s appointments in the morning and then trying to get the house back in to order in the afternoon and evening–it’s still not done! Amazing how neglecting it for just two days can cause so much work after. Had supper Tues. night with some of the guys and their wives from work, and then lunch on Wednesday with all of the guys and some of the wives. They’re a small group, so losing one has hit them hard. Ray works with great people, although since his boss and his wife are great people what can you expect! It’s nice to see Ray happy at work, we’ve had some times of him not being content with his job, so this is a great thing! We know that having a Christian for a boss really makes a difference.

We’ve decided to forget about camping this weekend, we’re both too tired, and my back has flared up again from all the driving we’ve done the past few days–I’m not used to that, as pathetic as it sounds, I rarely leave the valley! Besides, who wants to camp, when there is drywall to put up! I’m very excited to say that we have put one sheet up on the living room ceiling. Not much, I know, but hey, it is a start!


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  1. TravellingTracy Says:

    You have all been in my prayers this week.

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