My Kitchen Corner

This what I’ve been up to this morning!! Our computer has been in our bedroom for the past few years. For a few reasons–lack of space anywhere else, and also easier to keep little fingers away from it! But now with Ray working really long days sometimes (up at 5 & not home some nights until 8 or later), he likes going to bed earlier than me, and with the computer in the bedroom, that meant no blogging for me late at night. So today, my project was getting the computer and desk into the kitchen, and I’m pleased to say that I was successful–here is my new kitchen corner. I just LOVE it! Note the teacups on the top shelf, and all my favorite books right at my fingertips–not that dry history book, though! When I was going through the bookshelf, I found another one on Christian history, which hopefully will be easier reading!

Kelly, come on over sometime and we’ll get your links set up–now that we can do it in my cozy kitchen and not my messy bedroom! Posted by Picasa


7 Responses to “My Kitchen Corner”

  1. Kelly Says:

    How perfect :o) I love it!!! Do you still want a shelf because it doesn’t look like you need it?

    What time is your physio? Maybe we’ll pop over after that.

  2. Kim Says:

    You are so quick–I just posted that! Hey, since you’re home why haven’t you called me back yet (I left a message!)
    Physio is at 2, We (note the “we”, yes, the kids are back!) should be back home by 4 at the latest. And as you know, supper is really late around here right now –Thanks Randy!:), so come on over anytime!!

  3. Leah's Mommy! Says:

    I LOVE it! And the tea cups look great! Very homey 🙂

  4. Erin Says:

    Looks really cozy!!!

  5. Christy Says:

    Nice tea cups!! Now, all you need is that picture…

  6. Kelly Says:

    Kim Wade, it is now Thursday night and you still have yesterday’s blog up!!! What’s up with that…are you sick? I have forgotten if we have something planned for tomorrow?

  7. Kim Says:

    That’s the thing about blogging–once you start, they expect something every day!

    I think we were going to try to do something tonight, if R an R get home in time–We’ll talk later! 🙂

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