I Love It!

I just have to say that I love our new rule at VBS–No mooing at the cows!! I love that we go to a church out in the country, and that people come from so many different communities to attend! I love that you can see the mountain from the windows, and that when we do our AWANA nature walks, the kids really get to see so many wonderful things that God has created (including the cows!). I love that the kids can play outside on the grass. Most of all, I love that we have a Christ-centered church, with a Bible-believing Pastor, who doesn’t candy coat the truth, and try to make us all feel good about the things that we have done ourselves. And I love that the children are not only welcomed, but embraced as the next generation of soul winners, and are taught how to be that! I am so thankful for our church at Weston!

Point to note–Please don’t think that I mean that if your church is in the town, or city, that I’m putting it down. We all know that where we worship doesn’t matter, but what’s in our hearts. I’m just thankful that we are blessed with being able to worship at a Bible-believing church, that just happens to be in the country!


3 Responses to “I Love It!”

  1. TravellingTracy Says:

    I have yet to encounter a city church that doesn’t candy coat…please somebody prove me wrong!!

  2. Christy Says:

    OK – now that I have picked myself up off of the floor and am sitting in my chair again, I can tell you why I was down there laughing. I promise, I read your blog and I thought the first sentence said that you loved your new VBS rule…no MOONING the cows! I didn’t know what was going on over at VBS. I got to the end of your blog and started to reread it to make sense of it and then I saw MY error! Hence, the falling off the chair. The English language – add one letter and you’ve got VBS kids doing obscene things to farm animals!

  3. Shannon Says:

    I guess I should confess that it was because of me that the rule was made. I mooed at the cows at prayer meeting and they all went crazy. Made the farmer mad. I didn’t know that there was a bull in there and he doesn’t want anyone talking to his ‘friends’. Not a very classy thing for a girl to do I guess. 😦

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