Reality Check

It’s been a good day (so far!). We had another great morning of Vacation Bible School at the church. The kids are so excited, and it’s so wonderful to see the number of kids growing, also to see so many kids out that don’t go to our church! So, I’m heading home with Darian and also Andrew and Geoffrey–they’re travelling with the Wade’s this week! When I drop them off, Kelly comes out onto the veranda to invite us in for lunch. Well, I have to admit that this made me feel extremely guilty. After all, she’s not supposed to be cooking for me, I should be making more meals for her. But she insisted that she had everything ready, and that she’s feeling better today. And then I realized that just because Kelly is fighting cancer, that doesn’t change her giving nature. She still wants to do things for others, probably even more so now, with everyone doing things for her. And a true friendship is made up of both people giving and taking. So we had a wonderful delicious lunch on the veranda (Kelly’s a great cook!), had a really nice visit, and not only that, I learned an important lesson. (Although certainly not the first that I’ve learned from my amazing friend!) Posted by Picasa


3 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. TravellingTracy Says:

    I was really touched by your entire. I had been wondering how Kelly was doing, it was so nice to see her smiling face. Kim do you have her email address or real address. I really would like to write to her.

  2. TravellingTracy Says:

    Kelly is such an amazing person

  3. Kelly Says:

    Okay Kim, you made me cry. The feelings are definitely mutual. And while I appreciate everything you are giving and doing for me I cherish the gift of your friendship the most. Love Ya, Kelly–>

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