Girl Dish Detergent??

Anyone who knows Ray and I knows that we were completely amazed and shocked and thrilled to have a little girl, after two boys. If you know the history of my mother’s side of the family, you really understand this. Mom’s mother had 10 children-5 boys and 5 girls. Of the 7 who had children of their own, none of them had both boys and girls–only all boys or all girls. Then us grandkids started having kids, and of the I think it’s 7 of us who have kids, no one has both boys and girls, when the two parents are the same for all their kids. (We do have a few cousins whose children have different father’s, and they do have both, but when the children have the same 2 parents, the kids are always the same sex). Until Mackenzie! And we’ll see what happens in the Dominey family in the future. But until then, Ray and I have been the only couple to have both boys and girls–that’s pretty cool! And also on the Wade side, Mackenzie is only the 2nd girl born in 3 generations,so it’s understandable why we were surprised! So we were curious as to whether Mackenzie would be a girly-girl, or if she would be a bit tom-boyish, with 2 older brothers. She is definitely a girly-girl, and she proved it yet again today. I was working in the kitchen, and had the new bottle of dish detergent on the sink. She came into the kithen and said, “Mommy, you bought the girl kind this time.” I have to admit that I was mystifyed, and had to ask her to show me what she meant. She then pointed to the dish detergent. Ahhh….I bought a new bottle and this time its a very pretty lavender color (smells great, too!) I am not dedicated to any one kind of detergent, although I do have a few brands that I prefer, and generally just go for what is on the sale. And I remembered that the last few bottles we’ve had here have been blue in color. Apparently this time the “girl kind” was on sale!Yup, she’s all girl!

On a totally unrelated note, I absolutely love blogging–nobody warned me that it is slightly addictive!! And what I love most about it is that when I get around to scrapbooking the “Girl Dish Detergent” picture, my journaling will already be done!! Gotta love that


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  1. Charmin Says:

    Yes, it is surprisingly addictive. I had no idea how it would affect me, either. : ) Somehow I can gather my thoughts so much better when I’m typing. It almost makes me want to try scrapbooking. Almost. Like you said, the journalling is taken care of.

    Bloglines manages your blogs for you – you can register and add as many blogs as you want to your list and Bloglines will show you when they are updated, all on one page. You don’t have to load each individual page to find out who has posted anything. Does that make sense? I made my Bloglines page my home page so as soon as I open my browser I can see who has updated. Much faster, now that I am following 26 blogs. I know I’d have a lot more on the list if only I had time to follow all the links that interest me!

  2. TravellingTracy Says:

    I must admit when I first saw “kim” in my comments I was puzzled as to who were. but I finally figured it out and I am THRILLED to hear about your life. I cannot believe how big Mackenzie is. I still pictures a baby…wow. Anyway, great to hear a bit about your life now. I haven’t figured out the picture thing yet, but hopefully soon.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Can I just tell you Kim that I love your blog. 🙂 You are a natural. Good picture-taker too. 🙂

  4. Christy Says:

    Hey, Kim. Yes, I remember you from Weston. It’s great to hear from you and what you’ve been up to. Mackenzie has red lips like Emma and Maelynn. They love their lipstick and twirling skirts. Maelynn got into my lipstick the other day and had the reddest lips…and chin and nose and cheeks. She wanted so badly for me to say how pretty she was and I DID IT! I bit my tongue and told her she looked lovely. Then I asked her politely to not mess in mama’s lipstick!! Anyway, I guess girls are all the same. I will be checking in with you from time to time. This is actually pretty exciting! (And addictive!)

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