Laundry Musings!

Know what I love?? Hanging laundry out on the line to dry!! I love to see it blowing in the breeze, and I love the smell of it when I bring it in! And one of my favorite things about line-dried laundry–Crawling into a bed that’s just made up with sheets fresh off the line! I’m usually fussy about my line-everything hung up in the “right” order, from largest to smallest, never mixing lights with darks. Why is this? I have no idea, just one of my quirks, I guess. Today, I’m not so fussy. It’s the first day of sunshine after 4 days of rain, and believe me, the laundry is piling up! My dryer is broken, and I have decided that I will not buy another one until the weather is no longer suitable for hanging laundry out on a regular basis. So for today, in a scramble to get as much washed and dried as possible, while the sun is shining, I put my fussiness aside. Tomorrow, my line will probably look in order again (unless I actually suceed in getting everything done today, and don’t have to do laundry tomorrow,–but after 4 days of doing no laundry, and 5 peoples worth, I seriously doubt it!!), but for today,my goal is just to get through as much as possible! Well, off to hang out some more! Posted by Picasa


2 Responses to “Laundry Musings!”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I’ve been working away today too. 🙂 But not hanging the clothes out. I soooo want a house with a long clothesline!!!

  2. Erin Says:

    i love clothes on the line too…i should have taken pictures of my new curtains blowing in the breeze today!!!

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